Looking after your Dishwasher: Energy saving tips.

Dishwashers use up to 75% less water than manually washing dishes by hand. Unfortunately with this, dishwashers use a lot of energy – which can then show against your energy costs and bills, so we’ve put together a few simple hints and tips to cut as many of those costs as possible.

  •  Use your Eco settings wherever possible

To start off with, choosing an energy efficient washer is going to help you out greatly. (Imagine the difference between a 1Ltr car and a 2.6Ltr – the energy/fuel costs are vastly contrasting). If you then choose to use Eco settings, you can save on average 20% of your energy costs.

  •  Load your dishwasher fully for better efficiency; just like your washing machine, it’s no good using it for one or two items.

Again, when you drive your car for short journeys your fuel goes a lot quicker, whereas if you use your car for worthwhile and lengthier journeys, your fuel will go a lot further. The same goes for your dishwasher – Don’t turn the dishwasher on each time you want to clean an item or two, wait until your dishwasher is fully loading before starting a clean cycle.


Even simpler guides to keeping your dishwasher healthy.

  1. Clean the seal of your dishwasher weekly.
  2. Clean your dishwasher filter weekly.
  3. Run the dishwasher empty on hot every 6 months or so, (this can prevent your dishwasher from smelling).

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