Fridge-Freezer Insurance


Keep calm, and protect your Fridge-Freezer.

After all, what would you do if it broke down?

Having a combined Fridge-Freezer is definitely useful; you save space and everything you need is all in one place. However, mechanically you’ve got double to contend with – 1 cooling system and 1 freezing system. Sometimes, the more an Appliance has to contend with, the likelier it may be to breakdown (a little like a human being, the more we have going on, the more likely we are to make mistakes). Unfortunate, but true.

So why not safeguard yourself against the unexpected? No one wants to get caught out in a breakdown, but we certainly want a solution.

Insure your Fridge-Freezer today and you not only have peace of mind in knowing you’re covered for whatever breakdown you occur, but additionally rest assured that you’re not going to have to fork out for a replacement from your own pocket.

Breakdowns never happen at the right time, lets be honest. So make sure that whenever a breakdown does occur, you know you can call on someone else do deal with the stress and hassel for you.

We deal with sourcing engineers, callouts, repairs and even replacements for you, so all you would need to do is sit back, relax and let us do the work for you.

Insure your Fridge-Freezer today and say goodbye to unwanted stress.


What is covered?

  • The cost of callouts, repairs and labour.
  • Free replacement if your Appliance can not be repaired
  • Free technical assistance.
  • Electrical, mechanical and accidental damage.
  • Inclusive installation of the new Appliance.


In addition to this;

  • Enjoy a speedy repair service.
  • Benefit from multi-appliance discounts if you cover more than one appliance.
  • Unlimited callouts.
  • Flexible payment options available.
  • Coverage for any Appliance make/model
  • No age restriction to Appliance


Insurance for fridge-freezers