Gas – Electric Hobs Insurance

gas-electric-hobs-insurance-imageDon’t burn yourself out, if your Hobs burn themselves out.

Just think about the use of your Gas or Electric Hob – whether its frying a cheeky cooked breakfast at the weekend, boiling your vegetables for dinner, cooking up some eggs for brunch, heating up a tasty stir-fry for lunch or grill-panning your favourite meats (there’s a lot we use our Hob’s for and probably underestimate just how much we reply on them).

Depending on the spec of your Gas/Electric hob, the average cost is between £150-300. Considering you use this appliance at least once a day, it’s safe to say you’d be at a lost end if you suddenly weren’t able to use it.

Cover starts from only £65 for 12 months cover, and with an Assuranty Nationwide insurance policy, you can rest assured that in the event of any breakdown, whether that be mechanical, electrical or even accidental – we will be on hand to assist you every step of the way.

All callout charges, repairs and replacement costs are inclusive of the premium you pay – you are entitled to an unlimited number of claims, will receive first-line technical assistance from our trained Support staff, speedy repair services and if your Hob cannot be repaired, we will also provide a replacement.

Protect your Hob today and you won’t have any meal replacements to think about.


What is covered?

  • The cost of callouts, repairs and labour.
  • Free replacement if your Appliance is beyond economic repair (up to the maximum claims limit of £500).
  • Free technical assistance.
  • Electrical, mechanical and accidental damage.
  • Inclusive installation of the new Appliance.


In addition to this;

  • Enjoy a speedy repair service.
  • Benefit from multi-appliance discounts if you cover more than one appliance.
  • Unlimited callouts.
  • Flexible payment options available.
  • Coverage for any Appliance make/model
  • No age restriction to Appliance

Insurance Rate Card for gas and electric hobs

£ 0 – 500 £ 500 – 800 £ 800 – 1200
Quarterly £ 20.00 £ 24.00 £ 27.00
Annual £ 65.00 £ 80.00 £ 95.00

Pay Quarterly    Pay Annually