Washing Machine Insurance


Don’t get your head in a spin when your Washing Machine gets stuck in its own.

Gone are the days of drudging bags of washing to the local laundrette and sitting around waiting for the spin cycles to complete one by one. Thankfully!

We definitely don’t want to go back to that, we’re sure of it. But that’s exactly the scenario you’d be facing if your Washing Machine broke down.

Wash loads tend to be larger, heavier and more frequent that previously (meaning a few more trips to the laundrette, and yep you’ve guessed it – much heavier bags too).

Save your energy and get your Washing Machine insured today. Not only do you save on money, but time and probably your sanity too. It’s a win, win situation.

We use our Washing Machines on a daily basis, so unfortunately they’re prone to breakdowns. Repair costs can be rather costly, and in most cases would reach the stage where a replacement would be your best option. Depending on the spec, RPM and drum load, you could be looking at a replacement cost of between £300-500 (not the kind of money you have laying about).

Insure your Washing Machine today and benefit from inclusive callout charges, repairs and replacement costs – you are entitled to an unlimited number of claims, will receive first-line technical assistance from our trained Support staff, speedy repair services and if your Appliance cannot be repaired, we will also provide a replacement.

Don’t get all hot under the collar, protect your Washing Machine today and sit back with peace of mind that you’re comprehensively covered.


What is covered?

  • The cost of callouts, repairs and labour.
  • Free replacement if your Appliance is beyond economic repair (up to the maximum claims limit of £500).
  • Free technical assistance.
  • Electrical, mechanical and accidental damage.
  • Inclusive installation of the new Appliance.


In addition to this;

  • Enjoy a speedy repair service.
  • Benefit from multi-appliance discounts if you cover more than one appliance.
  • Unlimited callouts.
  • Flexible payment options available.
  • Coverage for any Appliance make/model
  • No age restriction to Appliance

Insurance Rate Card for washing machines

£ 0 – 500 £ 500 – 800 £ 800 – 1200
Quarterly £ 20.00 £ 24.00 £ 27.00
Annual £ 65.00 £ 80.00 £ 95.00

Pay Quarterly    Pay Annually