It’s BBQ season!

Summer’s set in it’s way and the weather is most certainly heating up (today should be the hottest day of the year so far!)

So let’s give the kitchen appliances a break and take the party outside for something a little bit special with a Summer BBQ.

Where do you start when choosing the best BBQ?

Firstly, you need to decide whether you want a Gas or Charcoal BBQ. Gas BBQ’s in our opinion are usually the best looking, so perfect if you’re interested in the style stakes and want to look the part (especially if you’re the popular host)! Charcoal BBQ’s however, are definitely about flavour – if you’re a lover of that typical barbeque/ chargrill taste, then a Charcoal BBQ is your best bet (that’s our favourite at GG).

You can pick up disposable BBQ’s from all major supermarkets and even local petrol stations, so if it’s a last minute decision you know there’s always an option close by. Disposables are cheap and cheerful, and will do the job if there are a few people to cook for but if you’re hosting a BBQ party or cooking for a family you probably want to look into a more permanent option.

Whether it’s a Gas or Charcoal you’re after, you can pick up a good BBQ from major retailers starting at around £80 – and this will definitely last you well. Plus, if you’re thinking of picking one up in the very near future, we’ve got a Bank Holiday coming up which usually means price reductions and sale offers, so take a look around and see if anything strikes your fancy!

As with most products, you can find low, mid and high range options. Low in this case would be the simple disposable option or an easily mountable BBQ at around £20; mid-range would be any around the £80-199 mark, and high-end range would be £200+ (and could reach anything up to the £1000 and beyond mark!). So there’s definitely something out there to suite everyone’s requirements, needs, tastes and specifications!

Summer is BBQ season – make the most of it and get started early!

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