Oven Care

Maintaining your Oven is quite simple but you are also limited with what you can do. The best way to maintain your oven is to ensure cleanliness and hygiene at all times. Besides cleaning there’s not too much more you can do; therefore, to ensure optimum efficiency and to prolong the lifetime of your Oven you should make sure you keep to the following steps.

1). Always clean the exterior of your Oven, including the handles. This should always be done when your Oven is off and unheated. Use a clean damp cloth and run this along the rim of the door – this will ensure no debris or sticky liquids hamper the closing/sealing mechanism of the door.

2). Clean the interior of your Oven to remove any enamel build up. Use a clean damp cloth and Oven Cleaner to take away any debris, spillages and build up – always check the labels/ingredients of the Oven Cleaner to ensure it is well-matched to your Oven and its components.

3). Remove each Oven rack and clean these externally – depending on the build-up, you can either soak these in hot soapy water for a short while before using a scrubber to remove any tough bits, or if you have a dishwasher you can also place these in a normal cycle (dependant on size of course). You may require the use of additional detergent; again, you should always check the labels/ingredients.

If you are using strong detergents for any part of the cleaning process, ensure you wear rubber gloves to protect your hands. In addition to this, keep an old towel/cloth underneath the door of the Oven to catch any excess water/debris.


Be pro-active not re-active.

1). Prevent internal leaks and spillages by ensuring you use baking trays and tins that are correctly sized for the items you are cooking – always keep an eye on your cooking to avoid overheating and products that may boil up/spill over the sides. If you are cooking items that are likely to spill over, place an additional/larger tray underneath the baking dish to catch any spillages and any debris.

2). Clean your oven surfaces after each use. Although this might not be ideal, it will save you having to slog out for that dreaded big clean.


Follow these simple yet effective steps for a longer lasting Oven.

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