Cooker Insurance

Whether you have a Gas or Electric cooker, we can help safeguard you against any future issues and breakdowns.

You’re probably wondering what could go wrong with your Cooker, but in actual fact there are plenty of potential faults.

Does your Cooker overheat?

Are you have troubles closing your Cooker door?

Has the heating element in you Cooker failed?

Is your Cooker fan broken?

Are your Cooker dials damaged and inoperative?

Has your Cooker lost power?

Does one half of your Cooker function perfectly but another not?


Hopefully your Cooker isn’t currently experiencing any of these faults as we wouldn’t be able to offer assistance – but in case you do experience these problems in the future, initiate your insurance policy today and protect yourself before it’s too late.

Cover against all of the above and more, from just £65 for the year.

We cover both Gas and Electric Cookers; fan assisted, double oven, you name it, we cover it.

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