Cooker maintenance – something for the Easter break.


Keeping your Cooker clean is one of the best maintenance tips you’ll come across. It seems trivial, and it’s definitely not glamorous, but it will help out enormously in the long run.

If you haven’t cleaned your Cooker in a while, expect it to be a lengthy and vigorous process (the first time round, at least)
Before you begin:

Most importantly, make sure your Cooker is completely cooled – it’s better to be safe than sorry!


Firstly, remove the Cooker shelves and soak to the side in hot soapy water.


One of the most cost effective and best ways to clean your Cooker is by using baking soda and salt – this is perfect for soaking your Cooker overnight and won’t leave any strong chemical-like smells.
Before doing so, scrape off any burnt and dried residue.

Mix together one cup of baking soda and 1/3 cup of salt. Add some water and mix into a paste.

Spread the paste onto the inside of the glass door and the walls of the Cooker.

Wipe off the baking powder mixture and excess grime with a damp sponge.

Rinse frequently, and use an old toothbrush for all the hard to reach areas – if you have tough residue on your Cooker racks, the toothbrush will also help here.


Grime prevention?

Avoid spillages and leakages both on your Cooker hob and interior. Don’t over-fill saucepans – even what seems like just a simple water spillage can be a great hazard. With gas hobs, the flame can be extinguished and with electric ceramic hobs, water spillage can burn and stain the hob permanently.

Internally, don’t over-fill pans and tins. Place all items on baking trays and ensure the trays used are large enough for the product you are cooking.

As much as possible, clean down all surfaces each time you use your Cooker (ie. Hobs and Cooker door). The longer a stain or grime sits, the harder it will be to budge.


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