Dishwasher cleaning tips – Tackle bad odours.

Just in time for the weekend and a possible Spring clean?


One of the most common problems we experience with our Dishwashers is bad smells. Tried and tested, there are a few techniques to try and prevent this from problem from persisting.


–          Always gently rinse down dishes and pans before placing them in the dishwasher – this will remove any large food particles and sticky residue.

–          Once a cycle has completed, leave the Dishwasher door open for a short while to help air the inside of the appliance (just like you would like your Washing Machine).

–          Clean and rinse down the door seal.

–          Check the drain entry to ensure nothing has clogged up (no excess food items etc).

–          Remove and clean the filter and its connecting area.



In addition to the above, regular maintenance is always necessary and in order to maintain your appliance to its best, cannot be ignored. This includes;


–          Cleaning the door seal weekly.

–          Clean the filter weekly.

–          Run the dishwasher on empty every 3-6 months.

–          Clean the entire Dishwasher, inside and out (including the areas above) every 3 months. Remove the racks, use hot soapy water and a toothbrush from the smaller and harder to reach areas.

–          Clean and scrub down racks before placing them back into the Dishwasher.



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