Helping you through Christmas!

We’ve summed up the Appliances you need in tip top shape for a perfect Christmas.. and we’ve added a few tips to guide you through the festive period!


1). Cooker

There’s no doubt about it, your Cooker comes flying into First Place!

Just think of everything you’ve got in mind for your Christmas dinner – Turkey, roasties, yorkshire puds, veg, stuffing… Mmmm (we’re hungry just at the thought). Maybe you go for Lamb, Chicken, Pork or Beef? Veggie option too; maybe a nut roast? Or, maybe you have a selection of all!?

Then, there’s Boxing Day – which usually involves finding a range of ways to cook using your leftovers (we always buy too much! But isn’t that all the fun?).

Moving onto the New Year? The perfect time to whip up a selection of party food and glorious treats.

We know you use the Cooker almost every day, but throughout Christmas it somehow becomes that much more important and relied upon!

– Make sure you check all of your cooking times to ensure each product is cooked to its best, and that all will be ready at roughly the same time (always take into consideration the time for the meat to cool before carving).

– Make sure you haven’t packed the oven out too much; in order for everything to cook correctly, your oven will need enough room for the air and heat to circulate.


2). Fridge

Coming in at a very close Second, it’s the trusted Fridge!

Where else are you going to keep all of that food?

Usually most stores and supermarkets close from early evening on Christmas Eve until Boxing Day; and sometimes even the day after – so that’s a whole lot of food you’ve got to keep chilled.

We’re pretty sure that your Fridge is never as full at any other time of the year.

– Some items you can cool outside, if you have a shed or some kind of outbuilding; the best suggestions for this would be bottles of wine, and that way you make space in the Fridge. The same goes for some of your fruit and veg; items like tomatoes and potatoes, in this cold weather they will store nicely outside.

-Make sure you don’t stuff the Fridge packed full, as with all appliances they need that breathing space, otherwise the air is unable to circulate and chill your food items to best efficiency.

-Don’t forget that you’ve out them outside!


3). Dishwasher

For those of us that are lucky enough to have a Dishwasher in appliance form, (and not human form)- the Dishwasher comes in Third.

After the stress and all those hours spent slogging over the stove cooking up a storm, the last thing you want to do is think about washing the dishes… especially if you’re hosting for a large number of family and friends.

-Don’t shove every piece of crockery in the dishwasher just to get it all done in one load; use as many loads as necessary. Usually, if your Dishwasher is packed full, you may find that the water hasn’t been able to circulate fully and items are not completely clean.

-If you have a number of roasting/baking trays and some are excessively dirty, it’s always a good idea to leave them to soak in hot water and soap for a short while, and that just gives you a little helping hand before popping into the Dishwasher.

-Always leave a few minutes after the cycle has finished, the last thing you want to do is burn yourself on Christmas Day!

An added extra?

-Why not try out a Christmas scented freshener.


4). Washing Machine

It’s party season, so that means new outfits, Christmas jumpers and party attire!

It also means that the Washing Machine is going to be running overtime to make sure that all important outfit is ready for that extra special event.

Work Christmas do; family dinner party; celebratory night out with friends; our Calendars are always chocker with events over the festive season.

– Use your low energy cycles whenever possible, this will get your wash loads complete quicker. If you’ve gone all out and have materials like Silk, make sure you use the most appropriate wash cycle (you don’t want your favourite outfit to shrink!).

-As always, don’t overload your wash cycle and separate your colours and fabrics.

An added extra?

-Why not try out a Christmas detergent!




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