Looking after your Fridge Freezer.

A fridge-freezer is a favourite amongst families as it is as it says with its 2 in 1 features, both a fridge and a freezer in one. Saving both space and money, fridge-freezers are both easy and convenient. However, 2 in 1 means double the functionality of a regular fridge or freezer, with comparative components working in sync with each other – unfortunately, it does mean they may develop a fault easier, or a component may fail at a faster rate.

Here are a few simple suggestions on how you can try and prevent faults arising with your appliance.


1). Don’t allow ice to build up in the freezer compartment. Defrost/de-ice the freezer compartment if the ice layer reaches 1.5cm in thickness. (Without the additional ice build-up your fridge-freezer  will run to better efficiency and save considerable energy).
2). As simple as it sounds, always make sure the door is fully closed. If the door has not properly sealed itself, cold air will leak out (and warm air in). Every 3 months or so, clean the door seal to remove any excess dust and dirt. Leaving the door open is one of the most common mishaps with fridge-freezers.
3). Clean the inside of your fridge-freezer every 1 month or so. Sometimes due to small areas of dirt, small spillages and leaks from food products can cause stains, marks and unwanted smells. We may not always see the stains, marks or spillages as most of the time we like to pack the fridge full and get it over and done with, so try to have a little clean out every now and then.
4). Don’t overload the appliance. Your fridge-freezer will have to work a lot harder as the air has less space to circulate. The harder your appliance has to work, the more pressure it is has to maintain.
5). If you are able to get to the back of your fridge freezer, hoover any dust and dirt build up away as this can build up and clog the coils.

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