Multi-appliance Discounts


Save, save, save!

We understand the current need to be careful with your money, so we have put together some amazing tariffs to ensure you can safeguard practically your entire kitchen, whilst keeping the initial spend as low as possible.

You may not be able to decide which appliance is most important to you – and why should you? After all, each appliance probably sits in the same price bracket, and will definitely be used just as often.

And what would be the benefit of covering your appliances with a range of different suppliers?

It goes without saying, having all of your appliances covered under one policy takes a huge weight off the bill for starters, but also makes your life that much easier when you encounter a problem.

If any of your named appliances incur a fault or breakdown, you know exactly where to go, who to call and what the claims procedure is across the board.

You can cover any of the following appliances with us;

Washing Machine
Washer Dryer
Tumble Dryer
Fridge/ Freezer
Fridge Freezer/ American Fridge Freezer
Gas & Electric Hobs

The average for a 12 month premium on 1 of the above appliances is £65; however you can cover 2 appliances under the same policy for only £100 – that’s a saving of £30, almost a 50% reduction.

Or, why not cover 3 appliances for only £120 (that’s still cheaper than covering just 2 appliances separately).

Or, cover 4 appliances for only £135. That’s a saving of almost £130!

Your premium includes the cost of all repairs, call-outs and engineer charges and if we re unable to repair any appliance, you will be offered a replacement.

Just think about it – the cost to cover 4 appliances for a period of 12 months equates to as little as 1/3 of the cost of one single appliance replacement!

Whether a new or an existing customer, you are entitled to these discounts throughout the year. Take advantage and consider your savings – we’ve done all of the hard work for you!

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