New Haier duo-drum washer.

Haier have recently unveiled (but not yet on sale here in the UK) a first of its kind duo-drum Washing Machine – meaning you can wash 2 loads at the same time.

This machine has a 12kg capacity in total with 1 drum at 4kg and the other drum at 8kg so you can wash your whites and darks in separate washes but at the same time – clever thinking.

Haier describe their duo-machine to ‘cater in particular for families who regularly have unexpected extra laundry needs’

According to Haier, ‘each drum is powered by its own Smart Drive Motor (SD Motor®), a circular beltless motor connected directly to the drum for optimal performance and durability. The SD Motor® comes with an exceptional 10-year warranty’

It’s not that bad on the eye either, with one drum stacked on top of another and a height of 4ft.

It also has a touch-screen digital control display and can also be controlled through a smartphone app allowing you to start a wash load when you’re not around – something all manufactures are buying into now.

What do you think of this style Washer? Would this come in handy for you, or would it be semi-redundant in your household?

Can you benefit from 2 wash-loads at once or would you only use both together from time to time?

Would this only really benefit large families?

As we said, this model also stands at 4ft tall – it goes without saying that it’s larger than a standard model, so would the standard consumer fit this model in their current kitchen set-up?

We’re interested to hear consumer’s thought’s with all of these new up-and-coming designs!

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