Policies for 2 Years, 3 Years, 4 Years, and 5 Years TV Insurance Cover

tv insurance cover

We often think, if paying that extra amount to insure your new or an existing TV is worth it. The truth is that, we may never use that insurance, but if ever do, the charges may be quite huge. An insurance cover for accidental damage is a must in today’s world, as it covers you from the risk of any damage in the warranty period.

Insurance Period Covered
Most insurance companies follow the monthly, quarterly or the annual policy plan. The insurance certificate which is given to you at the time of joining the plan will indicate which plan of payment you fall under. Extended warranted policies for 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, and 5 years of TV insurance are also available today.

Steps in Claiming the Insurance Cover
TV insurance cover for accidental damage of equipment can be claimed if it is in the period of cover. In such an event, assistance in the form of a helpline will be provided first, if the issue is unresolved, a qualified engineer is send to your residence. If the equipment is irreparable, an amount if paid to the policy holder to replace the television with similar specifications.

What is not covered in a TV insurance Policy?
TV insurance policies do not cover a claim for cleaning, servicing or a routine maintenance. If the work is done on a public holiday or if it is not in the working hours of the engineer. If the television or any of the parts are repaired anywhere other than in the United Kingdom. If TV insurance cover for accidental damage is proven to be deliberate, claims will be refused.

Legal Claims
Insurance companies need to be registered under the UK Financial Conduct Authority to be recognised. This can be verified on the website to know if the insurance company is legal.