Statement of Demands & Needs

The purpose of this document is to assist you in making informed decisions about your insurance requirements. Based on your responses to the questions we posed, the product we are providing is suitable for your needs.

The TV/ Appliance Policy will meet the demands and needs of those people who wish to protect their equipment from the unforeseen costs of mechanical failure or accidental damage. Please take the time to thoroughly read through the policy, including benefits and exclusions, and other important documentation we have sent to you. If you have any queries please contact us.

You are responsible for any repairs to your TV/ Appliance and do not have in place a manufacturers warranty or other insurance protection for the period of the insurance we have provided to you.

The terms and conditions have been explained to me and I confirm that I am eligible to make a claim. I understand that the recommended product/s are optional. I am making an informed decision for the product/s and that they are affordable and within my budget. I know how to cancel and how to claim, and understand that I will be liable for any costs / losses incurred in relation to any of the product/s I have declined.