Taking care of your Freezer.

When you bought your freezer, a lot of consideration went into the decision making process – from the colour, design and size to the capacity, compartment structure and its specific capabilities.

Additionally, you probably spent time researching different providers to try and find the best investment piece – an appliance that hopefully would last you as long as possible, as by all means it would have been a costly purchase.

Although most appliances (depending on the manufacturer) are provided with a manufacturer’s warranty, this usually lasts between 1-2 years and when spending on average between £250-400 you would like to think it would last you a lot longer than this.

Unfortunately, manufacturers won’t take responsibility if your appliance breakdowns beyond its initial warranty period, and would only step in if the fault were deemed a manufacturers defect. The next option is to insure your Freezer as this would protect you against a range of faults and issues despite the age of your appliance – including accidental damage, electrical faults and mechanical faults.

In addition to this, there are a number of steps you can take to maintain your Freezer. Starting with simple regular maintenance, cleaning process and general care, you can prolong the life of your Freezer as best as possible.


Here’s how to start:
On a monthly basis you should;

Sort through your Freezer for any out of date food products or anything that appears to be damaged as a result of extensive ice build-up.

Organise your Freezer so items are placed correctly, levelled and fit properly – ensure there are no perforated items, leaking products or damaged goods which could result in seepages, mess and a bad odour.

Always ensure your Freezer isn’t packed to the brim, you should always leave space so air flow can easily circulate – this will allow your Freezer to work to optimum efficiency.


Every 3-6 months you should;

Analyse the frost build up; if ice has built up over ½ inch you should defrost your Freezer. (Check your manufacturer’s manual to see the preferred method for your Freezer type) – as a general method; empty and turn off your Freezer and allow the ice to melt. You may then use cold water/ de-icing spray to assist this method. Ensure you have some old towels/cloth to catch any water leaks during the de-frosting process. Once defrosted, use a clean towel and disinfectant to fully clean the interior of your freezer. Once complete, turn your Freezer back on and allow 4-5 hours (time variable per Freezer) before restocking – ensure freeze temperature first.

If you have a frost-free Freezer, ensure you make regular checks to guarantee the frost free function is fully operational.


Every now and then;

As well as cleaning the interior of your Freezer during the de-frost process, also clean the exterior – including the handles, door seal and Freezer drawers/ compartments. Ensure constant rotation of your food products to avoid items going out of date.


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