TV Insurance Cover for LG LED and Smart TV– A Safe Purchase

LG TV insurance

A television may be one of the most expensive appliances that you have purchased. A breakdown to this gadget will be costly on the pocket if you are not covered with any insurance today. Insurance cover for LG smart TV, Curry’s smart TV insurance are examples of policy’s a consumer can choose from.

Differences between an LED TV and a Plasma TV
The LED TV consumes lesser energy than a Plasma TV and is brighter due to the emitting diode which is a bright light and is lighter in weight. The contrast ratios are higher in a Plasma TV and this television is also more economical. Purchasing an expensive television and not buying an insurance cover such as the LG LED TV insurance may prove costly in the future.

Benefits of a TV Insurance
Insurance companies have made the insurance for a television affordable today. The policies are simple and easy to understand. When faced with a problem, if the engineer cannot resolve the issue, an insurance cover such as the LG smart TV insurance cover, protects the consumer by even replacing the television. Claims for technical support, repairs etc. are usually unlimited.

Exclusions of a TV Insurance
Insurance company’s usually do not allow you to make any claim within fourteen days from the issue of the policy. If the damage to the television set has been caused intentionally by you, a family member or any other third party, claims will not be accepted. Claims for dents, corrosion of colour or scratches are not entertained, as it does not affect the function for which the product was purchased. LG smart TV insurance cover in addition to the above usually does not allow you to make a claim, if the guidelines or instructions as given by the manufacturer was not followed.