What type of Cover is best for you?

Are you worried that the trusted household appliances you’ve been using for the past few years might suddenly breakdown? The cost of a repair or replacement has the potential to send your monthly budgeting plans into a freefall, and unfortunately, sudden breakdowns are becoming increasingly predominant in recent times. The term ‘they don’t make them like they used to’ springs to mind… So how can we make the best of a very bad situation?
Evidently, safeguarding your appliance can come with a number of benefits – but what type of cover do you choose?
1)    Household Insurance

A lot of people presume that their appliances are covered under their house contents insurance. This could be the case, however household insurance policies usually cover damages caused to the home itself, and its contents in situations such as natural calamities and theft. They don’t tend to insure your household appliances against mechanical or electrical breakdown, or accidental damage. After all, this is a general insurance with specific relevance to the household itself.
2)    Extended Warranty

Some people think of taking out an extended warranty for their appliances; this is useful if you’ve recently purchased the appliance and it is still under a manufacturer’s warranty.
An extended warranty usually has a limit to the age of the appliance, and does not cover for accidental damage. An extended warranty may also come with a limit to the amount of claims that can be made/ money that can be spent per annum.


3)    Insurance

For older appliances, other forms of cover are advisable. Insurance companies can offer as an example, TV insurance (and other white/brown goods insurance) with no restriction on the age of the appliance. Insurance as opposed to any other form of cover, protects against accidental damage, including wear and tear; your claims limits/ number of claims tend to be higher, in most cases you are not restricted to appliance age requirements; and all repairs, parts and labour costs are covered under the policy.


When considering the costs of repairs, this is one of the most beneficial factors of having insurance cover in place. Callouts, repairs and replacements are covered under by the insurance policy and all arrangements are made by the insurer, including any engineer visits, leaving you pretty hassle free.
What insurance can you get?

TV Insurance
Fridge-freezer insurance
Cooker/ Oven Insurance
Fridge Insurance
Freezer Insurance
Dishwasher Insurance
Tumble Dryer Insurance
Washing Machine Insurance
You are able to find insurance tailored to each of your home appliances including all of the above. What’s more, you can combine a number of appliances under one policy and make huge savings.


If the thought of an easy life is what you’re after, save yourself the hassle and money, invest in insurance policy that is perfectly tailored for your appliance and breathe easy for the future.

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