Understanding the energy rating of your Washing Machine.

A lot of our customers question energy ratings, so here’s a quick breakdown.

In December 2011, the minimum standard for a new washing machine to be put into the supply chain was an ‘A’ rated machine, and from December 2013 only ‘A+’ or higher new machines could be placed on the market.

Lower rated machines could still be purchased as long as they were in the supply chain before the minimum standards came into effect, so it was still possible to obtain a ‘C’ rated appliance up until 2013.

The current legislation on energy efficiency ratings means washers can only range from A (least energy efficient) and A+++ (most energy efficient).

It goes without saying, the better rating your Washing Machine, the more energy efficient it is. However, this does tend to come at an additional cost so you are more than likely going to pay a little bit more for that added value.

According to Which.co.uk energy efficiency may not always be a good thing for you as a consumer. Some of the washing machines they tested that use the smallest amount of electricity and water also produced the worst results.

Catch 22 springs to mind.

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