Unsung hero of your Kitchen Appliances

Commonly when speaking of kitchen appliances (not something that enters everyday conversation) people seldom mention their hobs. Although the oven/cooker is one of the most commonly mentioned appliances and these two go hand in hand, Hobs are one of the most useful and in the same sentence most neglected of all appliances.

When they do eventually go wrong, it becomes apparent how little attention we pay to them on a daily basis. Just imagine a lazy Sunday without your hobs – no fry up, no omelette or dippy egg.. The list goes on…. Pasta, that beloved spaghetti bolognese, lasagne, chilli con-carne… These tasty dishes all rely on the use of your hobs.

So what can you do to maintain your hobs?
When it comes to cleaning Hobs, you need to make sure that you are extremely thorough and use disinfectant cleaners to get rid of all and any sauce/water marks and spillages.

If you have an electric Hob, water spillages can leave permanent stains on your ceramic surfaces, so you need to be exceptionally careful not to over fill/ over heat your pans.
If you have a gas Hob, you will need to lift the metal Hob covers and have a full clean down of the surfaces at least one a week. Grease, ash and burn build up can not only cause a bad odour, but also over time can become difficult to budge.

Ensure you have completely turned off your Hobs when you have finished using them, and before you start your cleaning process, be sure that the Hob has completely cooled (another tip for electric Hobs, as a damp cloth can cause those permanent burn marks).
If using Gas hobs, gently wave your hand over the Hob (without touching) to sense the heat.
If using an electric hobs, wait until the ‘H’ sign disappears and you have turned the appliance off completely.

For further information, advice and comprehensive cover to protect your hobs and avoid losing out, give us a call on 0800 012 4478.

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