Washer and Dryer or Washer Dryer?

The innovation behind 2 in 1 products tends to be a winner in the off-set, but is it all as it seems?

According to Which, one in five washer-dryers needs repair in its first six years, compared to around one in ten individual Washing Machines and Tumble Dryers.

So why is this?

Take the Pro’s VS the Con’s.

Pro’s of a Washer Wryer.
– 2 in 1 function
– Takes up only half the space as it is only one appliance that is required – great if you don’t have much space
– Cheaper purchase price than buying both a Washing Machine and Tumble Dryer individually

Con’s of a Washer Dryer.
– Double functionality means double the possibility of a breakdown as its double the work for the same appliance
– The drum capacity of the Dryer function is usually less than the Washer function
– You would need to remove half of your wash load for the Dryer as it needs extra breathing space
– Washer Dryers tend to be less energy efficient than separate Washers and Dryers
– Washer Dryers tend to leave your clothes less dry and creased in comparison to a standalone Dryer

If you have a small space and can’t fit many appliances, a Washer Dryer would definitely be a good idea, especially if you also don’t have much drying space around your property for clothes horses etc. It is also be cheaper at the time of purchase to get just a single appliance, so effectively you get 2 appliances for the price of 1 (and a little extra). If space and cost is your limitation, don’t shy away from the Washer Dryer, it will certainly be better than nothing at all.

On the other hand, if you have space and the funds to purchase the two appliances separately, we definitely think you should. Each appliance is a specialist in the job it is required to do, meaning greater productivity overall. Common figures show that Washers Dryers have a higher breakdown rate, which in the long run could be very costly for you as the consumer. One of the winning factors in the corner of separate Washer and Dryers is that you can wash and dry at the same time, which is exactly what you need if you have a busy household. Plus, you won’t need to mess around with switching the load, you can go straight from the Washer and into the Dryer.


It’s a tricky one to call, but it seems as though separate Washers and Dryers could be the overall winners in this debate. Less hassle, less breakdowns and better productivity – factors we think most useful!

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