Washing Machine insurance – #1 choice of cover

Of all our insurance products, Washing Machine insurance is our most popular product.

Unfortunately machines just aren’t made like they once were and products no longer last for years and years. Statistically, most washing machines fail within the first 5 years. With a surge in demand for washing machine insurance, it goes without saying that demand is driven by increased breakdowns and product faults.

Many breakdowns result in a complete overhaul of the product, meaning replacements are more and more prominent. Generally, the types of faults we deal with on a daily basis require replacement parts where the cost of labour included tops well over the £200 mark and therefore the end result means the machine is BER.

Of course, there are some smaller problems we deal with and can overcome quite simply to have your machine back on the road as soon as possible. Some of the simpler faults include;

-Blocked filter
-Error codes
-Door seal tears
-Broken paddles
-Blocked soap dispensers

However, once faults develop into more insidious problems it becomes highly likely that a replacement is the only viable answer. These larger faults include;

-Worn bearings
-Faulty drum
-Faulty pump

As manufacturers continually introduce new models to the market, many preceding parts become extinct. This means it’s more and more likely that for machines even as little as 4 years old, parts no longer become available to engineers, and when this is the case a replacement is the only option.

We are pleased to be able to offer cheap washing machine insurance, making it not only affordable but a no-brainer to cover your washing machine with us. Cover starts from just £65 for one year’s protection, and once you have a policy with us your price is secured – so even next year or the year after, or even the year after that, your premium is locked in and won’t increase.

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